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Clarence Sale on the following Gripping Beast Miniatures. Only the ones I have listed. First come first serve. Send me a email at cottonjim@aol.com for the items you want, Buy 1 but as many as you like.



From 27.00 each too 20.00 each. Postage included

Anglo-Danes Geburs (levy ) x 2   Breton Skimishers x 2    Welsh Bonnedig Bow (levy) x 1    Anglo-Saxon Gebus w/Soear x 1   

 Anglo-Saxon Gebus w/ Bow x 1   Era of Prince Militia Bow (levy) x 1   Mutatawws Fantic on camels Heathguard x 2  Tuetiic Knights Levy w/ Javel x 1

Merovingian (levy) Bow x 3      Pict (levy) w/ Bow x 2   briton (levy) slings x 1    Pagan Rus (levy) x 1



19.00 each top 14.00 each. Postage include


Anglo-Danes Ceorls warriors x 2     Breton Mounted Heathguard x 1     Viking Bondi Warriors x 1     Welsh Pridour Warriois x 1

Bryz Kavva Heathguard w/ Speara mounted  x 2    Bzyt toxato Warriors x 1    Carolingan Warriors w/ Bow x 1    era of Prince City Militai Warriors x 1

SFH Flemish Mercenaries x 2    SFH Gail-Gaedhil x 4     Crus Mounted Knights x 1    Crus Sgt on Foot w/ crosbow z 1                                               

Saracem Mounted Gulhams w/ spear heathguard x 1     Mutatawws Fantics camels Hearthguard x 2     Mutatawws Fantic Heathguard on Horse x 1

Mutatawws chosen warriors on Foot x 1      Mutatawws chosen warriors on Foot w/ Bow x 2     Crus Aux fantic Pilgrims x 5     Cru Aux Daylami x 2

Teutonic knights on Foot x 1     Briton Pedyts Warriors x 2      saline Franks Warriors x 3     Picts Warlord chariot x 3   Pict Nobles Mounted x 2

Pict Warriors x 1     Goths Mounted Heathguard x 1      Mercenaries Sea Wolves x 11      merc Roman Deserters x 1


More to follow.






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